Wireless Access Points (WLAN)

By the year 2020, there will be over 50 billion wireless devices active in the world. But many organizations have avoided adopting wireless networks (WLAN) out of fear of creating vulnerability to security breaches or suffering from slow or limited bandwidth. Moreover, it can be daunting to add another network to manage and secure on top your daily workload.

Let Copper State introduce you to WLAN.

Our Wireless Access Points solution will allow you to take back control of your network, enabling you to seamlessly manage, upgrade, and operate while enjoying the comfort of true security. All of this can be done without maintenance windows during production. And the experts at Copper State will manage the solution for you, from start to finish and beyond.

Copper State Wireless Access Points Features & Benefits

  • True controller-less WLAN
  • Simplified and virtual management
  • Extends your network and security to the edge
  • Protection of networks, data, and intellectual property
  • Unparalleled access control
  • Deep analytics and visibility into your network
  • Increased overall network acceleration
  • Unrivaled security
  • Guest and vendor access
  • Fast speeds
  • Easily scalable bandwidth
  • Compatibility with older clients
  • Maximum employee productivity

Rely on the Experts

Copper State Communications has been THE go-to company for all things IT and telecom in Arizona for more than 35 years. We will help you take advantage of cloud in a way that makes sense for your business. After a comprehensive, no-cost assessment, Copper State can determine whether cloud services are right for your business and create a flexible cloud solution to meet your unique goals and budget.

Copper State always delivers everything you expect…and more.

How We Deliver More Value

  • Expertise – A Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson IT, technology, and telecom leader for 35+ years
  • Service – Our 99% customer satisfaction rating & personalized 24/7 support
  • Reliability – True reliability as a single point of contact and Arizona partner
  • Value – The most advanced IT and telecom services at the best prices