We are excited to announce that the team at Copper State Communications has joined the BlackPoint IT Services organization, headquartered in Seattle, WA. We are looking forward to continuing to deliver superior customer service, products, and services to our clients and being able to leverage BlackPoint’s extensive managed services background and Microsoft Gold partnership.

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From dropped calls to lack of synchronization among branches, legacy phone systems are no longer keeping up with the current pace of business. More and more companies are moving their calls to the cloud because of the numerous benefits and potential for cost savings after migrating to hosted VoIP.

With our free checklist, you’ll know in a few minutes whether your phone system is no longer meeting your needs.

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Is your legacy system holding you back from getting ahead of your competition? Fill out the form below to download our checklist and determine if it’s time to migrate to hosted VoIP.

On-site Installation of Your Hosted VoIP System and So Much More

Unlike most hosted VoIP providers who leave the responsibility of installation in your hands, we provide on-site hosted VoIP installations throughout the entire state of Arizona.

Instead of spending time figuring out how to implement your communications system, you can trust Copper State Communications to get your hosted VoIP phones up and running so you can get back to work.

Find out if it's time to get all these hosted VoIP advantages:

  • Cost Savings
  • Reliability
  • Mobility
  • Productivity
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

With Copper State Communications Hosted VoIP, you'll enjoy:

Hands-off Management

Stop wasting time maintaining your phone system. After your hosted VoIP migration, we’ll handle the ongoing maintenance.

Fast, Stress-free Support

We’re not just a state-wide only provider of on-site Arizona hosted VoIP installations. We also provide round-the-clock individualized support.

Substantial Savings

Stop throwing away time and money. Migrate to hosted VoIP and lose the expensive hassle of on-premise systems.

Future-proof Flexibility

Hosted VoIP offers flexibility and scalability that traditional on-premise systems lack.

Are You Ready for a Hosted VoIP Migration?

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