Finding a Partner You Can Trust: A Case Study With Just Tape and Adhesives

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  • Adhesive provider based in Morgan Hill, CA had to remain connected with their¬†primary¬†receptionist who moved to the company’s secondary location
  • Their phone system wasn’t equipped to handle multiple locations
  • Required move from their legacy phone system in order to transfer calls between offices smoothly
  • Needed flexibility to customize phone setups and check voicemail

Copper State Solution:

  • Set up hosted phone system software and customized software to meet business needs
  • Provided phones, routers, and networking gear
  • Installed modern software, allowing access to telephony from desktops
  • Provided tech support


  • Just Tape and Adhesives now has the ability to route calls to office phones or cell phones
  • Enhanced voicemail services that employees can personalize
  • Smooth transfers between offices

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