Structured Cabling

Everything starts with Structured Cabling. It is Layer 1 of the OSI model in which everything else relies on, and it is the foundation for voice and data communications.

With SMB and Enterprise revenue alike deriving from the efficient use of phones and computers, can a business afford a slow network? If expanding or moving an office, how can a SMB design and implement a fully scalable communications infrastructure that adheres to industry standards and budget without over/under building it? Easy, they engage the Copper State Communications Structured Cabling Team.

Copper State Structured Cabling (IT Systems)

  • Copper, fiber, or hybrid
  • Needs based: Category 5e / 6 / 6A copper or single / multi-mode fiber
  • Data Network / Phone System / VoIP / VLAN / more

Copper State’s Structured Cabling Benefits

  • Correct infrastructure allows for networks to run as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Scalability to expand / add devices or services
  • Adherence to all building codes and installation guidelines
  • 30+ years of experience to capitalize on when planning for future changes

Rely on the Experts

As certified BICSI-installers, Copper State Communications has been helping Arizona businesses implement the best structured cabling solutions for their Adds, Moves, and Changes since 1982. Our expert team will design a custom, scalable system that’s best suited for your unique environment.

Copper State delivers everything you expect…and more.

How We Deliver More Value

  • Expertise – A Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson IT, technology, and telecom leader for 30+ years
  • Service – Our 99% customer satisfaction rating & personalized 24/7 support
  • Reliability – True reliability as a single point of contact and Arizona partner
  • Value – The most advanced IT and telecom services at the best prices