September Newsletter

As the year wanes, it’s time once again to make sure your business is prepared for the months that may bring challenges from nature. Storms or snow — whatever your climate — require businesses to have locked-in disaster recovery and backup solutions. Whether by having encrypted networks that support mobility or by prioritizing your DR strategy, now’s the time to winterize your business. Read on for tips and expertise, and check out our mid-month event as we focus on innovation and our customer connections.

Using Managed IT Services Is a Solution that Saves
Smaller companies are often fraught with resource challenges. Whether the asset in question is time, money, or talent, it can be in short supply for a small or medium business (SMB). One solution to the issue of scarcity is managed IT services.
VoIP Is the Key to a Streamlined Business Communications System
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionized business communications. With the Internet interwoven with sophisticated technologies, modern enterprises are leaning toward VoIP technology to create a more unified communications platform regardless of location, time, or device.
Guest Wi-Fi: How and Why
Modern customers are often able to entertain themselves and even be productive while in a waiting room. While it may not seem important, providing Wi-Fi for customers is a huge benefit to both those waiting and to the business itself. Allowing patrons easy accessibility to amusement or work keeps them content while they wait.
IDG Findings: IT Executives and Managers Differ in Disaster Recovery Priorities
IT executives and managers both agree on the urgency of a disaster recovery (DR) strategy, but they differ in DR priorities, according to an IDG Research survey.

Copper State News
Take a Load off Your Infrastructure
A network needs TLC, usually in the form of maintenance, support, and monitoring. Managed IT services relieve you of the stress of having to support your infrastructure, especially in times of need. With backup and security solutions and a top-to-bottom support structure, managed IT serves as an extension of your network that’s on 24/7.

2016 Southern Arizona Tech + Business Expo — Catch Us There!
Come check us out at the fourth annual Southern Arizona Tech + Business Expo, where we will be connecting and learning from expert speakers and other exhibitors on the cutting edge of local business development.
Thursday, October 13
1:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Tucson Convention Center
260 South Church Avenue
Tucson , AZ 85701

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