October Newsletter

As the days grow shorter and the year approaches its end, you may find yourself celebrating the benefits you’ve reaped from technology investments made in 2016 — and evaluating those to come in 2017.

At Copper State Communications, we are celebrating big milestones that a number of our employees are reaching in the final quarter of this year. And we’re looking forward to helping you navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape that looms ahead.

Choosing the Right Mobility Strategy
Companies in every industry have found themselves asking an important question: How should mobility be supported by the organization? As the number of possible connected devices has grown exponentially over the past five years, the dilemma of how to integrate them while remaining secure has become much more complex.
How Cloud and the Modern Data Center Save Energy, One Kilowatt at a Time
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionized business communications. With the Internet interwoven with sophisticated technologies, modern enterprises are leaning toward VoIP technology to create a more unified communications platform regardless of location, time, or device.
A Proactive Approach to VoIP Security
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the best things that ever happened to business communications. Unfortunately, cybercriminals agree — and have their sights set on the treasure trove of valuable data that awaits them at financial institutions, professional service firms, big retail stores, universities, and government agencies.
A BYOD Policy that Balances Employee Convenience and Network Security
The bring your own device (BYOD) movement is a force that is engulfing the corporate world. As the steam for its adoption builds, both enterprises and small businesses must prepare for an increasingly mobile workforce that wants to work anywhere and anytime, without sacrificing security.

Copper State News
We take pride in the dedicated team we’ve built here at Copper State Communications
over the years. In the final quarter of 2016, several of our employees are
reaching milestone anniversaries:
25 years
8.5.91 – Michael Shea mshea@copper-state.com

20 years
8.5.96 – Travis Thompson tthompson@copper-state.com
10.14.96 – Louie De Mars LDeMars@copper-state.com

10 years
9.12.06 – Brian Garrison bgarrison@copper-state.com
9.14.06 – Michelle Waxman mwaxman@copper-state.com
10.2.06 – Donnie Brewer dbrewer@copper-state.com

Copper State Communications is pleased to announce that Scott Tims from our IT Services Department has completed the Avaya ACE-Fx training program. The ACE-Fx training program
drives expertise in Fabric-based networking architectures. It is an intensive, hands-on program to
help networking engineers and IT professionals deliver the Avaya SDN Fx architecture and included both a lab exam as well as a written exam in a proctored environment. Students successfully completing the ACE-Fx program, belong to an exclusive club of Networking engineers that have achieved the highest level of understanding of the Avaya Fabric Architecture. Congratulations Scott!