March Newsletter

At Copper State, we take pride in the fact that we are the only technology services provider to offer a full suite of solutions to Arizona’s SMBs and enterprises. But did you know that we go a step further and offer educational opportunities like breakfast briefings, lunch & learns, and free webinars? Topics range from VoIP to security and everything in between, and our expert presenters aim to share knowledge that will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to business technology. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding our next lunch & learn or webinar; they fill up quickly!

The Good and Bad of Colocation
As technology has migrated to the cloud and to as-a-service solutions, the IT landscape has become increasingly complex. Colocation vendors are rising in visibility across nearly all industries due to the possibilities this type of arrangement can present. As a company leader, choosing to colocate infrastructure services has pros and cons.
Improving Cloud Security Across the Telecom Industry
The telecom industry is venturing into cloud computing more now than ever before. In times of breaches, rampant identity theft, and hacks across every industry, cloud security is a key topic. Telecom has traditionally been quite secure, and there are many preventive actions that can be taken to keep it that way in today’s cloud-driven environment.
Broadband as a Driver of Business Growth in the Digital Age
World communications has shifted from a telephone and mail-based system to a digital model that relies on broadband. Businesses find customers, and vice versa, through the Internet on business websites, via e-commerce, and on social media with the use of computers and smart mobile devices.
Balancing Corporate Security and Employee Needs in a BYOD Environment
The rise of the bring your own device (BYOD) movement is inevitable, and Gartner predicts that 2017 should see half of the world’s employers implementing a BYOD policy. As BYOD and mobility grow in the workplace, so do security challenges, privacy risks, and employee demands.

Copper State News

Is your business protected from ransomware?
It was our pleasure to host our latest free webinar, Ransomware: Be Proactive, Not Reactive, in conjunction with Datto’s Channel Development Manager, Michael DePalma. Our vCIO, Michael Lewis, shared his extensive knowledge on the subject of ransomware, providing participants with valuable insights and tools for protecting their businesses from a potentially devastating attack. Stay tuned for details on our next webinar!
Join us at TechJunction Tucson on March 30!
We are looking forward to exhibiting with ShoreTel at TechJunction Tucson on March 30. TechJunction is an excellent industry event that provides quality, vendor-neutral educational seminars to help you stay up to date with the latest technology. You’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to ensure a secure environment for your data and infrastructure. We hope to see you there!