April Newsletter

In the telecom industry, change is constant. But even after being in business for 35 years, what never changes for us at Copper State is our commitment to serving the Arizona business community. With our 35th anniversary and our recent partnership with Red Rock Communications, 2017 is shaping up to be another year where we continue to make good on that commitment. We have always made it one of our chief goals to deliver quality solutions to our customers, and plan to help our clients solve their business problems with technology and support for many more years to come.

Gearing Toward a Dynamic Convergence of Managed Services
The continuing confluence of market realities has changed the way managed services is delivered. Customers are shifting to new ways of procuring, consuming, and managing technology. Converging services is an emerging trend in the managed services market Converging services is an emerging trend in the managed services market.
Cybersecurity: What You Need To Know
With the increased sophistication of cyber criminals, cybersecurity is more important for businesses than ever before, and businesses of all sizes can be affected. Further complicating matters is that hackers come in all shapes and sizes. To protect your business, understand the risks posed by the variety of cyber criminals operating today.
Why the WiFi as a Service Model Is Good for Business
WiFi used to be just a luxury, but in today’s mobility-driven workplaces, a reliable WiFi connection is a crucial tool for doing business. Employees don’t want to be glued to their desks, and customers expect a wireless connection everywhere they go — from coffee shops to healthcare centers to government offices.
Establishing a Comprehensive MDM Strategy
Bring your own device (BYOD) programs have led to a number of benefits for organizations and their employees alike. Increased productivity and worker satisfaction as well as cost savings are just a few of the perks of this type of mobile arrangement.
How VoIP and UC Can Boost Performance
Mobile phones have come a long way from the heavy bricks of the 1980s. Each sophisticated smartphone contains more computing power than a large room of equipment previously could, and these devices are now more than just a way to be entertained. They also promise productivity, connectivity, and accessibility.
Ransomware: Be Proactive, Not Reactive
What hackers wanted yesteryear is not what they want today, and ransomware attacks have become a real threat for businesses of all sizes. Copper State Communications’ vCIO, Michael Lewis, along with Michael DePalma, Channel Development Manager at Datto, discussed the topic of ransomware in our recent webinar, Ransomware: Be Proactive, Not Reactive.

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It’s not just about the hosted VoIP.
Our mutual passions for providing the industry’s best solutions coupled with the highest quality customer service make our partnership with Red Rock Communications a natural fit. We
aimed to find a supplier that gives us the ability to take the service through the
customer’s lifecycle, and with Red Rock, that’s what we got.

Celebrating 35 Years as a Leader in Technology Services
We are honored to have been the only technology services provider to offer a full suite of solutions to Arizona’s SMBs and enterprises for 35 years. From our small beginnings out of our founders’ homes in Tucson in 1982 to where we are today as leaders in Arizona’s telecom scene, we
remain grateful for the relationships we have with our clients. We look forward to the next
35 years of delivering top technology solutions to Arizona businesses!
Thank you to our dedicated team!
We take pride in the dedicated team we have built here at Copper State Communications (CSC) over our 35 year history. Here are some recent milestone anniversaries:

35 years
2.1.82 – Roger Bingham (CSC co-founder)
2.1.82 – Steve Sutton (CSC co-founder)
5.6.82 – Doug Bingham

25 years
1.3.92 – John Ahrendt

20 Years
3.5.97 – Ron Simmons