Network Security

Why should you care about network security?

IT departments can no longer simply protect the network perimeter and call their network secure. Cloud services, mobile devices, remote workers and wireless networks are all expanding the network boundary beyond its traditional reach. And as networks become more complicated, IT departments are becoming more concerned with how they can effectively secure data.

Sophos and research company Vanson Bourne surveyed 571 IT decision makers worldwide to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of these changes to network security. And to discover which issues are causing IT teams the most grief, and how they plan on managing the expanding network perimeter. To find out what IT managers really think about network security today, read on.

The challenges of network security

Wireless networking has experienced huge growth over the last several years. However only 21% of IT decision makers are confident their organizations’ wireless networks are properly secured. We also found that the growing need for cloud-based services is the main network security challenge facing respondents (44%). Another 39% said that stopping more sophisticated threats is top of mind. The same number (39%) said the ability to manage the mobile devices that have access to company resources is the main challenge.

And considering that 21% of organizations surveyed have had an outage due to a malware infection in the last year, it’s no wonder that two in five respondents have concerns about the increasing sophistication of threats.

Pain caused by a growing remote workforce

Not surprisingly, 9 in 10 SMBs have remote workers, with 28% of organizations having a full quarter of their workforce conducting business off site. And the security issues presented by remote workers will only grow, as 52% of respondents predict that supporting their growing mobile staff will increase their exposure to network security risks.

The future: network security impacting IT budgets

In the next 12 months, almost 70% of IT departments will be increasing their budgets. Still, when choosing a network security solution, the highest priority for them is a low cost of ownership (30%). Ease of use (24%) and the level of support offered (22%) are also important factors when choosing a UTM.

Network Security Survey Pie Chart

To see the full survey findings and to learn what you can do to simplify security and network management, read the full report: The Future of Network Security.